Leave a Mercy Legacy

You can create a legacy by making a planned gift to Mercy Foundation to support a Sisters of Mercy ministry or program most important to you. A planned gift offers you the opportunity to secure income for you and your family, benefit from current tax incentives and help Mercy Foundation provide health care, education, affordable housing and other vital services for the poor and elderly well into the future.

Explore gift planning by starting with Gifts Anyone Can Make and by taking advantage of tools such as the Legacy Planner™, personal calculators and the Will Planning Wizard to help you achieve your philanthropic and financial goals.

For more information or to request a free, no-obligation personal gift illustration, please complete the request information form or contact Kevin Duggan at (916) 851-2703. Your information is strictly confidential.

Tip of the Day

Your gift to Mercy Foundation can return income to you for life.

In exchange for your gift, you can receive:

  • The security of lifetime annuity payments (one or two beneficiaries)
  • High rates of return
  • An immediate income-tax deduction
  • Capital-gains tax savings if you donate appreciated assets
  • Tax-advantaged income (part ordinary, part capital gains and part tax-free)
  • A choice of immediate, deferred, or flexible payments
  • The satisfaction of supporting Mercy Foundation
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