Gifts that Increase Cash Flow

Some of the best ways to support Mercy Foundation are available through life-income gifts, which enable you to make a significant gift to the Foundation while increasing your cash flow.

The Benefits

  • An additional source of lifetime income for you, your spouse, or other significant persons.
  • A potential increase in the income you are currently receiving from your investments.
  • An immediate tax deduction for a portion of your gift.
  • No capital-gains tax due at the transfer of appreciated assets to your gift plan.

What life-income gift best fits your needs?

Charitable Gift Annuities
Receive a fixed payout and significant tax benefits.

Deferred Charitable Gift Annuities
Build retirement earnings by deferring the onset of annuity payments (recommended for younger donors).

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts
Choose from several options that best meet your personal financial situation.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts
Combine a charitable gift with a predictable fixed-income payout by placing your donation into an individually managed trust.

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